Soil Testing Consultation Special through Friday, March 6! 

Have you had problems with your home landscape in recent years? Yellow leaves? Lack of blooms? Weeds and more weeds? Have you found that adding more fertilizer, pesticides, and water hasn't helped? If so, it's time to order a soil test. 

The Travis County Extension Office recommends that homeowners have their lawns and garden soil tested every three years. A soil test, conducted by an agricultural sciences lab, measures pH, mineral and micronutrient content, and percentage of organic matter in your lawn and garden. 

Plants require at least 16 different nutrients for healthy growth, many of which can be lacking in our shallow soils. Indiscriminately adding the same fertilizers year after year can actually harm plants, and the runoff pollutes our water supply. Conducting a soil test before spring planting is the most effective way to ensure a healthy yard this year. What’s more, proper nutritional balance makes plants more drought-tolerant, and can help reduce your water bill by 40-60%.  

I am offering a discounted package consultation rate of $200 for this Soil Testing Special, which includes: 

  • 1 hr introductory meeting to discuss lawn and garden problems 
  •  Labor for a series of 12” deep soil samples 
  •  Shipping to Texas Plant and Soil Lab
  •  TSPL basic soil test ($88.00 value)  
  •  1 hr follow-up meeting to interpret the TPSL report data and diagnose what’s ailing your plants
  •  Personalized, written plan for restoring balance to your soil by adding the correct nutrients and amendments in the right ratios. 

Together, we’ll make a plan for conserving water and improving the health of your lawn and garden!